Kenozerskiy National Park invites volunteers to international camps.

Improvement of the Park’s territory near the tourist sites, cleaning of spawning grounds, the construction of ecological paths – this is not a complete list of how volunteers can help employees and residents of the protected territory.

For 2016, the Park has prepared a 5 volunteer projects:

1. Trans Kenozerskaya Trail Project. Period: May 23 – June 5, 2016. Questionnaires are accepted until May 10!
The Transkenozerskaya Trail is the longest ecological trail of the Park (36 km!), a route through the historic road linking Lake Lyokshmozero and Lake Kenozero on which development of Kenozerye’s territory was conducted by ancient residents of Novgorod in XII-XIV centuries. The ecological trail acquaints visitors with the ancient villages of Maselga, Dumino, Fedorovkaye and Vedyagino, famous “sacred” groves and worship crosses, the monuments of civil and religious architecture and stunning imagination Kenozersky “The city of Kitezh” – Porzhenskiy churchyard. This year, volunteers together with Kenozerskiy National Park’s employees will participate in the laying of wooden flooring.

2. The Flying Ship Project. Period: 20-30 June, 2016. Questionnaires are accepted until May 10!
The participants of the project may assist Kenozerye’s residents in the construction and improvement of a fair square in the village of Vershinino. In the square with the assistance of architects and designers, an indoor scene, shopping arcade, playground, and other objects will be built, and information boards will be installed. In addition, within the framework of the international volunteer camp, it is planned to create an art object “Flying Ship” – the fair square will be decorated on the base of fairy tales written by A.N. Nechayev, a famous explorer, storyteller, born here.

3. Hay Expanse Project. Period: 11-24 July, 2016. Questionnaires are accepted until June 10!
In Kenozerye, like nowhere else, there remains a surprising combination of open fields, lakes, dense forests, mysterious “sacred” groves, cozy villages, unusual chapels and worship crosses. All this creates a unique image of the territory, which are called as cultural landscape. Participants of Hay Expanse Project will assist local residents and employees of Kenozerskiy National Park in the maintenance of these unique cultural landscapes. Volunteers will participate in a heavy, but at the same time, one of the nicest rural jobs, where labor will be combined with entertainment – in haymaking.

4. Maselsko-Guzhovsky Cultural and Landscape Complex Project. Period: 22-31 August, 2016. Questionnaires are accepted until July 10!
The plan includes clearing of the areas around the old village of Guzhova from shrub vegetation. Near the village of Maselga, it is planned to establish a new ring ecological trail. A reconstructed section of slash-and-burn agriculture will be one of the display objects on it. In a separate meadow, the process of clearing overgrown forest will be demonstrated – once every three years, the hay of vegetation will be made here. It is planned to show marshes on this path, too. In short, a lot of work to be done!

5. The project “Be Born Fish, Big and Small!” Period 5-14 September, 2016. Questionnaires are accepted until August 10!
The participants of the project can assist Kenozerskiy National Park’s employees in clearing and maintaining a “fish nursery” – spawning grounds on Kenozero.
The importance of work, which is specifics of this camp, has been dictated by nature itself. Kenozero is a real treasure trove of fish. Perch, pike, whitefish, roach, and other representatives of the fish fauna are living here. For breeding fish, clean spawning grounds are needed, which, unfortunately, are constantly overgrown. Clearing these areas of the lake will be a task for volunteers under the leadership of the Park staff.

During your stay in Kenozerye, you can take a trip on the waters of Kenozero by boat, visit ancient villages of Kenozerye, famous Kenozero’s chapels, museums, Craft Center of Kenozeskiy National Park, and partake in workshops on traditional craft.

Accommodation, meals, and the rich excursion program organized for volunteers are at the expense of the Park. Volunteers pay for their own transportation to Plesetskaya train station or Nyandoma train station (it depends on the project you will partake) and back.

Arriving in Kenozerye, you can not only provide meaningful assistance to the protected area, but also meet interesting people, improve your foreign language, learn something new, see the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Russian North!

Detailed information on each volunteer project, as well as the questionnaire form for participation in it, you can find on the web-site section:–dobro.html.

If you decide to take part in one of these projects, please, fill out the questionnaire form and send it to Elena Kolobova, the Chief Specialist at Information and Project Technology Department, email:
Additional questions, you can asked Elena by phone: office tel. +7 (8182) 28-65-23; mob. +7 (931) 408-40-78 (Moscow time).

The Park Administration address: Russia, Arkhangelsk, Northern Dvina embankment, bld. 78.

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