Beringia National Park invites a specialist on tourism.

Beringia is the easternmost Russian nature protected territory. The nature park is located on the Chukotskiy Peninsula, it consists of five clusters (Kolyuchinskiy, Chegitunskiy, Dezhnyёvskiy, Mechigmenskiy, and Providenskiy), and each of them is unique to its wealth of nature, the objects of historical and cultural heritage. The Seaside Midlands with surrounding shallow areas of the Chukchi Sea and Bering Sea, the picturesque fjord zone in the national park’s south-eastern part, bird colonies, walrus rookeries, natural salmon spawning, hot springs, a complex of archaeological monuments of marine hunter culture – all this and more attracts travelers, researchers, and tourists to Beringia.

We need a specialist for the development of tourist activities of the national park.
Responsibilities: participation in the organization of a controlled cultural tourism on the basis of the park, excursions, work on creation of ecological trails, sightseeing routes, lookouts, information points and keeping them in good condition.

Requirements to a candidate:
– Higher professional education, specialization in the following spheres: “management in the tourism sphere”, “strategic marketing travel industry”, “recreation, parks and research in tourism”, “management of nature parks and national resources”, “management of tourist resources”, “recreation and tourism programs”;
– Knowledge of any foreign language.
Salary is about 30 000 rubles and upper.

Please send your CV to Bychkov Vladimir Valeryevich, the Director of the national park, at: np_beringia@mail.ru
Any additional information on this vacancy, you can learn calling on: +7 (42735) 2-21-64 (MSK+ 9 h).

The national park administration address: Russia, Providenskiy District, Provideniya village, Dezhnev Embankment, bld. 10.
Website: http://www.park-beringia.ru/
Beringia National Park in VK: http://www.park-beringia.ru/
Beringia National Park on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/park.beringia.







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