An excerpt from an article by Denis Kitel, a Belorussian ornithologist and remarkable man, who took part in the social and environmental volunteering project “Artificial Nests for Yamal Gyrfalcon” in 2016.

The Yamal Syndrome. Part 1

Experimenting with various types of “rest”, you come to the conclusion that you get pleasure during adventure, without comfort, clean sheets, perfect service and charming waitresses’ smiles. I confess honestly, the formula of my best rest is “the worse the better”. Yamal fully met my requirements.

Everything began in Salekhard, the capital of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Here, I and my companion Pasha from Peter sat on the boat and went on a long journey along the Ob River and then the Shchuchya. We spent one night on the boat, right on its deck, having paid its captain – there was no other place to stay overnight. We spent the second night at the administration office of the Village of Shchuchiy. It is amazing how much its inhabitants are hospitable to absolutely strangers. Not only that we were completely placed for free, so we were allowed to use an electric kettle and a stove.

The next morning we mounted a kayak and sailed four kilometers upstream to the meeting place with Svetlana Andreevna Mechnikova, the head of our expedition, who, by that time. together with her daughter had been living in the tundra for a month.

To read the whole article follow the link bellow:…/photostori…/yamalskiy-sindrom-chast-1/.

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