In July 2016, I went to Yamal as a volunteer. 

We floated in canoes on the River Shchuchya and its inflows, and monitor the success of predatory birds breeding – the gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, white-tailed eagle, and the golden eagle – listed in Red Books of Russia, simultaneously examined nests of less rare species (the merlin and rough-legged buzzard) and ringed chicks if possible. We also built artificial nests for the gyrfalcon (falcons do not build nests, they take ready-made nests). The leader of our expedition, PhD, Svetlana Andreevna Mechnikova has held such monitoring susince 1986.
Our trip was organized thanks to the Arctic Interregional Expeditionary Center.
It was a worthwhile experience! I believe gyrfalcons will be thrilled with our platform!

Denis Kitel






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