A week in Karelia!
The Scientific Department of the Kivach State Nature Reserve invites volunteers to assist their staff in survey of birds of the family Tetraoninae.

Dates: from July 26 to early August, 2016.
Requirements to the participants: stamina – routes are quite heavy; ability to identify in nature a few species of the family Tetraoninae (the western capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse). For more information, please, contact Senior Researcher Yakovleva Marina Vladimirovna: kivach-bird@rambler.ru

On the nature reserve territory, there is Kivach, a most beautiful waterfall in Karelia formed by falling of the Suna River. Another sight is Sopohsky forest, where trees of 350 years age and older have been preserved. The nature reserve has 13 lakes: parts of Pertozero and Sundozero’s water area, as well as 11 internal ones – Pandozero Lake, Gebozero Lake and 9 small forest lakes lost in the lowlands between the rocky ridges. Here more than 200 species of birds and about 50 species of mammals have been registered.

The address of the nature reserve administration: Russia, the Republic of Karelia, Kondopoga Region, Kivach village.
Web-site: http://zapkivach.ru
The Kivach State Nature Reserve in VK: http://vk.com/club19303848




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