The Ostrovnoy Nature Biological Sanctuary, located on Iturup, a southern Kuril island (Kurilskiy District, Sakhalin region of Russia), invites you to work on the position of State Inspector.

The inspector is required for field season of 2016, from June to the end of October. It is possible to extent the employment contract in the future. If you have northern allowances, the wages is 25 thousand rubles, if do not have – 15 thousand.
The duties of the inspector include: guarding and beautification of the cordon, participation in hiking and water security raids, paving, cleaning and construction of new trails, prevention and suppression of poaching and violations of protected areas security regime, support to tourist groups.
While working in the nature sanctuary, you will have to walk a lot on rough terrain and wade through bamboo thickets. You have to be hardy and good physically trained. You will work with a partner – another inspector or a volunteer. Accommodation is at the cordon of the nature sanctuary, where there is everything necessary for work and leisure in the field.

The nature sanctuary covers an area of 80 thousand hectares in the southern part of Iturup, the biggest Kuril island. There are 20 volcanoes; 3 volcanoes of 9 active ones are in the nature sanctuary: Stokap (1634 m), Atsonupuri (1205 m) and Berutarube (1220 m). And another attraction – a rock of about 500 meters in height, sticking out of the ocean – is a part of the caldera of Lion’s Mouth Volcano. The island has three lakes, big and beautiful. One is called “Beautiful”, located in the crater of an extinct volcano; its caldera shaft, surrounding this lake, is broken on the east side and forms a passage for the water flow into the Pacific Ocean.
In July and August, spawning salmon comes to the reserve, and it is the time that a bear feast starts, for which you can watch at close range, being in a safe place. There are numerous waterfalls along the ocean coast on the nature sanctuary territory. You can admire lava flows of several tens or even hundreds meters in height, bird colonies, the common seal (Phoca vitulina Stejnegeri J. A. Allen, 1902) rookeries. From the nature sanctuary, it is seen famous Tyatya Volcano, located on the neighboring Island of Kunashir.

The Ostrovnoy Nature Sanctuary was created in 1988 to maintain the integrity of nature communities, protect the places of nesting, mass gatherings and rest of waterfowl and other bird species during their migration, to conserve rare and endangered animals listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Sakhalin region, such as the European mink and whooper swan, Bewick’s swan, the mandarin duck, osprey, hobby, as well as to protect unique natural landscapes. Therefore, it is very important that an applicant for the position of State Inspector understand the importance of environmental protection work.

A large number of bears live on the island. You must learn how to behave with these animals and be ready to meet them.

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